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I’m Tash Ullah, a life and careers coach who loves working with people in the creative and marketing industries, to help them get strong, get confident and get a bucket load more happiness in their lives.

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My coaching methodology is rooted in the dual concept of what I call Cleaning and Building

First we take a look at your life and dive into any emotional blockers you may be experiencing that are obstructing you from achieving your goals, and therapeutically untangle the knots.

Second, we dive into an exploration of your values and ambitions and start to build a clear shape and action plan for your future.

My style is firmly grounded in the principles of NLP and the Co-Active model of coaching, with a focus on using language and alternative thinking to effectively understand yourself and therefore, evolve.

Prior to training as a coach, I spent over 14 years managing large teams for London’s premier PR agency Freud Communications , globally renowned PR agency Hill & Knowlton and the mega, U.S. based conglomerate FTI.

I have also consulted for cultural hot shop Exposure, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and advertising agency McCann. So, understanding the mindset of people who work within these types of industries is my sweet spot.

What I do: Individuals / Businesses

I am driven by a desire for all people to learn how capable they are of making the right decisions. With this in mind I work with individuals in the following areas

  • How to intuit the meaning of your life, values & priorities
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Career development & finances
  • Health & balance
  • Relationships & conflict

I offer a set package of six sessions lasting up to 2 hours each. In my experience it’s the right number to ensure a client gets a thorough life M.O.T and experiences lasting change.

The programme includes an exploratory questionnaire and personality test, before we start, as well as requests and homework tailored to your individual needs throughout. Be prepared for some honest insight and a fresh perspective on your issues.

I am passionate about working with businesses to help them boost staff and client retention, and therefore grow new business. I specialise in the following areas

  • Leadership & executive confidence development
  • Employee coaching & motivation
  • Cohesive team performance & client management coaching
  • Navigating politics, conflict resolution skills & increasing staff autonomy
  • Cultural change consultancy

This starts with a deep dive into the context behind the desire for coaching as expressed by the senior business leader.

After this, discovery sessions are conducted with the relevant team members and a plan of action and supporting materials are drawn up, including KPIs. From here four sessions per team member is usually the right amount to be able to establish a clear impact. POA

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